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Giethoorn tour

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Giethoorn tour: Giethoorn, which softly glides down small waterways past old but charming thatched-roof farmhouses, is so serene, unique, and has such essential beauty that it almost seems natural. You can take another little canal's "side street" and float beneath a wooden bridge, where an old person might pass by to visit a neighbor. No, this is not Amsterdam or Venice. It is the Dutch village of Giethoorn. It's too calm, silent, and far away. The term "Dutch Venice" may create the wrong impression of size, crowd, and commercialism because it is so serene.   Giethoorn activities A lovely afternoon can be spent during this Giethoorn tour on the river, leisurely meandering through the congested canals, along finely arched bridges, and past inviting thatched houses. Along with the Schreur shipyard, where the Giethoorn punt is constructed, there are three river museums to explore. Get on a boat.   Tour by a canal cruise Taking a canal Giethoorn tour is the ideal way to discover Giethoorn and its countless channels. Local captains can take you around and point you to the key locations in this sleepy community. Remember this: Since there are only a few departures each day and Giethoorn has become increasingly popular recently, it is better to reserve your canal tour in advance.   Engaged on the ground There are many cafes and eateries on land, and footpaths beside the canals are great for strolling or cycling. There are numerous possibilities for every requirement and choice, including City bikes, Kick bikes, and E-bikes. Also, kids' bikes. You can rent motorbikes, electric scooters, or choppers for longer journeys. However, you ought to review land renting options.  


  • ‘Kleine Venetië’
  • Bootje huren
  • Rondvaart
  • Giethoorn museum


3 uur - 1 t/m 7 personen

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‘Kleine Venetië’
Bootje huren
Museum Giethoorn ‘t Olde Maat Uus
Schelpengalerie Gloria Maris
Edelstenen Museum De Oude Aarde